Wednesday, July 15, 2009

know about gemstones astrology

Author : Nitin Soni

Extraterrestrial radiations are omnipresent and nothing in this material world can escape the binding effects of such emissions. A human body too, is affected by an array of such celestial radiations which at times become extensively dominating when imbalanced. Gemstones have a synchronizing effect on these cosmic radiations and they balance the influence of these radiations on human body.

Every individual has a functionally beneficial planet which can be determined from the horoscope. A gemstone which increases the functionality of that planet would create a halo around the individual and thus keep him away from all the negativities.

Based on the study of your horoscope following guidelines can be provided:-

Functional benefic in your chart.
Cosmic color to be enhanced.
Recommended gemstone .
Alternate gemstone .
Solar/lunar metal to be used.
Alternate metal. Herbal ashes to be used.
Cosmic number to be used. Most auspicious day.
Most auspicious month.
Hand to be worn on.
Time of invocation element.
Affected sense.
Affected body organ.
Affected anatomical system.
Affected chakra.
Day of invocation.
It is indeed a very delicate procedure to prescribe a gem stone to an individual and requires prolonged study, experience, observation, and intuition on the prescriber's part. The stone prescribed must stimulate the essential qualities for a person to become successful and at the same time tone down the undesirable ones. A detailed study of the functionally malefic planets is required so as to negate the possibility of prescription of a functionally malefic planet.

After a gem has been ascertained for an individual, its weight must be determined so that the gem is neither too small to effect nor is it too weighty to cause an overload.